Why do we need to be creative?

Consider this: if a lot of people are selling or pushing the same product as you are, and using the same ad as you are, then there are going to be an awful lot of ads out there all looking the same. If a thousand other ads look just like yours, just how many clicks do you reasonably expect to come to you?

There are 2 things that will destroy your creativity. Distractions and fear.

A mind that is filled with thoughts telling it all the other things it must or should be doing will be a mind that is not capable of being expressive. That mind is worried, disturbed, and is unproductive. Go do what ever else you have to do first, then when you can be free, write your idea.

Do we all have creativity? That is a question which has been argued through the ages. Some schools of thought argue that not all of us have the talents or skills to be creative and others believe that those of who do possess those skills, depend on a Muse. I say that is all horse squat and that everyone of us are gifted with the skills and talents to be creative. Some of us unlearn creativity.


Arti Nama

Mengandung Arti:

– Jalan penghidupan yang tentram, merdeka, bahagia dan sempurna
– Pengampunan dan kemerdekaan
– Kerusakan, kebinasaan dan kematian

Mengandung Arti:

– Kerusakan, kebinasaan dan kematian
– Bengis, ketus dan kedukaan
– Pertempuran/peperangan
– Kesesatan dan kedukaan
– Perjalanan yang melelahkan
– Durjana/tidak beribadah
– Berhasil dengan baik, cerdas dan beruntung
– Spiritual, mistik, kepercayaan pada roh
– Sifat ragu-ragu
– Pekerjaan yang sempurna
– Kesembuhan


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